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About Us

Our mission is to deliver travel experience that is memorable and offer competitive price to visitors from afar to explore Indonesia's beauty. We do this by educating our audience with many of Bali and Lombok hot spots and offer logistic solutions to schedule fun activities and offer commute to widen your Indonesia experiences. 

Why IndoExperiences?

The South East Asia is known to be one of the go to places for many of the world travellers. For many  world travellers, Bali is one of the most popular island destination in Indonesia. There lies many exotic and beautiful temples and palaces for its top attractions. In addition, dining in Bali offers endless selections of local and delicious cuisine. To enjoy sunsets or water activities, there are many awesome beaches for visitors to explore. These include Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Jimbaran, where most of great hotels and villas are right on the beach.  Bali is also home to most of exciting surf spots known by many surfers around the world. The eastern beach resorts are one of the go to spots to enjoy seascapes and sunrises. These include Sanur, Nusa Dua, and remote coast of Candidasa. 


With a multitude of ancient temples, palaces and historical sites, there are many more hidden spots around this magical island worth exploring. The question is, what is the best way to experience Bali, Indonesia without missing out on any of the go to places. Also, what is the best way to commute to ensure that your trip is fully optimized in order to discover many of the hidden spots?


IndoExperiences would like to lend a hand in offering solutions to ensure that you can have the best experience the moment you step foot in Bali.  We understand that it can be a real challenge to find a service that can deliver quality, flexibility, and affordability all at once. Our family service as well as our partners are here to guarantee that we can develop a flexible or fixed plan for you to have it all.

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