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4 Fun Things to Do in Tanjung Benoa for a Honeymooner

Do you want to have a fun honeymoon trip to Tanjung Benoa, Bali? The following things to do in Tanjung Benoa may inspire you on planning your best visit to this well-known God’s island. Take your time to read through the article and decide what is best for your next visit.

Romantic Things to Do In Tanjung Benoa

Let’s take a look at four fun activities you can do while honeymooning in Bali as follows:

1. Visit Tanjung Benoa Beach

This beach has white sand, which is similar to the Kuta area. The waves here tend to be calm which makes it unsuitable for any surfing activities. The most common water activity on this beach is the well-known Tanjung Benoa water sport adventures.

You can experience your adventurous honeymoon here by picking one or more of the water sport Tanjung Benoa available.

  • Tandem Parasailing

Soar in the sky with your loved one in an amusing tandem parasailing adventure. Get mesmerized with the gorgeous surrounding view while enjoying your ultimate thrill up in the sky.

  • Jet Ski

This water sport is the most famous activity in Tanjung Benoa. Both of you can ride around the gentle waves while enjoying the bluish translucent water of the beach on a jetski. If you are fortunate enough, you might discover some fish and jellyfish swimming right beneath you.

  • Banana Boat

It is another common water sports in the area that many people like to try. You can ride the wave up with an ultimate excitement in a banana-like boat that can hold 7 passengers and a guide.

  • Fly-Fishing

This water adventure is the newest kind of water sports you can list as things to do in Tanjung Benoa. Fly Fishing is a flatboat made of rubber, similar to the banana boat. When you ride it, a speed boat will pull the fly fishing. You have to hold on very tight to it given that it will take you to soar as the speed boat is speeding up. It is a must-try adventure.

2. Visit Buddhist Temple of Caow Eng Bio

This picturesque Chinese temple is located in the west end of the Tanjung Benoa area. You will be surprised to discover a large Buddhist temple with its outstanding and colorful Chinese architecture design in the middle of nowhere. The walls are dominantly painted with red, there are sculptures of dragons on its roof and many deities of wars are on its wall paintings.

The temple is pretty serene even though it is located near the busy street. Visit it at night, and you will find that it is lit with neon lights that make it, even more, stand out.

3. Pamper Yourselves at a Spa Treatment

Since you are on your honeymoon vacation, it is better for you to look for spa couples to maximize your visit. Try Balinese Traditional Massage with the professional therapist for an awesome deep tissue massage. Relax and enjoy your best and unforgettable moment here.

4. Learn the Local Delicacies by Having A Cooking Lesson

Find the excitement of going to the local market early in the morning to buy the required ingredients for your cooking class program. Discover the enjoyment of learning about how to choose the freshest vegetables and seafood or how to use and mix spices for your cooking. It’s fun things to do in Tanjung Benoa, indeed.

Well, assuredly there is a lot more to do on your Benoa beach tour and its surroundings like visiting the turtle island, exploring mangrove forest or sightseeing the Benoa harbor. In fact, the above-mentioned things to do in Tanjung Benoa may help you make the most of your stay in Bali, Indonesia

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