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6 things you need to know for travelling to Bali with toddler.

Bali internationally known for tourist destination and received many awards because there are many interesting things tourists can do while vacationing on the island of Bali. Also, the island of Bali has complete infrastructure as a tourist attraction.

Most of the accommodation facilities in Bali are designed to meet the criteria of tourist who vacation with family. Especially tourist who vacation to Bali with children.

6 things you need to know for travelling to Bali with toddler:

1. Make sure your vacation activities are suitable for children.

Bali Odyssey Submarine is one of the exciting holiday activities that does not limit participants' age. Participants from infants, toddlers and adults can take part in submarine tourism activities on the island of Bali.

2. Notify your close relative about your trip.

You should tell your family and closest friends, about the detail of the hotel where you stay. Also, give your family and friends a photocopy of the itinerary. If an emergency occurs, then your family will know the location where you stay.

3. Child health preparation

A vacation to the island of Bali is synonymous with a vacation to a white sand beach. But the sea breeze and sun sometimes reduce the health conditions of some children, even adults. Therefore, the preparation of drugs for children is needed, especially for fever and thermometers. Also, don't forget to bring sun cream and mosquito repellent cream. To avoid obstacles at the airport because you bring medicine for children, try to bring medicine in the original packaging.

If your child has health problems that require special medication, you should discuss it with your trusted paediatrician before the holidays. It would be better if you ask for a letter from the doctor about the child's health condition. If your child needs special medicines that can only be obtained using a doctor's prescription, please ask the doctor, so that you are made a prescription. With you have a doctor's prescription, it will be much easier to get the medicine your child needs while on holiday in Bali.

Carry some medicines, baby gear needed in the trunk that you carry to the aircraft cabin. If you don't find your luggage when you arrive in Bali, you still need to bring medicine and baby supplies.

4. Baby stroller and baby equipment

Bringing a large stroller is not recommended during a vacation to Bali. The reason, pedestrian friendly roads with very little stroller in Bali. You should bring a small child stroller. If you find a path, it will be easier to lift the stroller.

Baby equipment such as diapers, baby clothes, eating utensils, baby oil, of course, things you do not want to forget when on vacation to Bali.

5. The Best Vacation Time to Bali

The most important of the tips on a vacation to Bali with a toddler, choose a vacation during the quiet season in Bali if your child is still a toddler. Also avoid family holidays with toddlers on holiday weekends, school holidays or year-end holidays. The low season in Bali starts from February-March, September & November.

6. Types of Accommodation

Bali Island has many types of accommodation from cheap to very expensive. There are resorts, villas, hotels, bungalows and cheap lodging. If you choose a private villa, there will be a private swimming pool in your villa. However, not all private villas in Bali provide guardrails for poolside areas.

A poolside fence is vital to restrict your child from jumping into a pond. Try asking the villa provider, whether they have a fence for the edge of the pool. So that when you are on holiday you don't have to worry about children.

If you want to stay at a resort, there are also several things you should pay attention to while on vacation with children. There are several resorts in Bali that have facilities for children which are often referred to as kids clubs. Some kid's clubs have minimum age requirements. Besides, some resorts provide free kids clubs, and some have to pay. So please ask before you book a resort room.

Most resorts in Bali have rooms on the second or third floor. It would be better if you booked a resort room on the first floor. Because balconies will have direct access to the garden area.

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