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7 things you need to know about 5-Star Hotels.

Services in five-star hotels is quite different from non-star hotels. So as not to be confused and clumsy, consider some of these tips before staying for the first time.

Starred hotels have services and some general conditions for guests. Here are several things you need to know about five-star hotel.

1. Breakfast.

The cost of staying at a five-star hotel includes breakfast, usually served in a buffet. Ask the hotel, where breakfast is served. Generally, breakfast can be enjoyed at the hotel's mainstay restaurant. Also, make sure breakfast time applies at the hotel. Usually, breakfast is served from 07.00-10.00.

2. Minibar.

Enter the hotel room, you will find a minibar that is a small refrigerator containing various snacks and drinks. Usually, snacks consist of chocolate and snacks. Some hotels also provide alcoholic drinks in the refrigerator. You need to know, all food and drinks in the minibar are sold. If you pick it up, you must pay at the time of check out of the hotel. However, almost all star hotels provide free mineral water. Usually, there are two bottles of mineral water that you can drink for free.

3. Toiletries

Enter the bathroom, toiletries you can use for free. Call it soap, shampoo and toothbrush. Usually, the toiletries are placed in a small container, or in a carton box. However, do not let you bring home towels, doormats, or hair dryers. Some of these items may not be brought home, including pillows and all other items at the hotel. Also, differentiate between doormats and towels. The shape is similar and the colour is usually the same. The folded doormat is placed near the bathtub or shower, while the folded towel is at the top. Can be in the toilet or the top of the bathtub.

4. Hotel keys.

In star hotels, your room key will not be as conventional as a house key. The given key is in the form of a sensor card. Just tap your card on the sensor on the outside of the door. This card also serves to turn on the electricity in the room. Don't forget to bring your key with you every time you leave the room. Keep cards away from electronic items. If you carry valuables, five-star hotels usually have a safety deposit box. Keep your valuables in this box to be safer.

5. Tipping for hotel clerk

At a five-star hotel, it is natural if you check in your belongings directly by the hotel clerk. Goods will immediately be delivered to the room, so you don't need to carry heavy loads. Therefore, many guests give tips to hotel staff. Not mandatory, just as a token of thanks.

6. Hotel facilities

Do not hesitate to ask the hotel clerk about the facilities and services available. For example, spa, fitness, swimming pool, or even a laundry room. Ask if you can use the facility for free. Besides, if you do not understand how to operate a fitness tool that you might encounter for the first time, it is better to ask the hotel clerk first.

7. Internet Connectivity

Usually star hotels have free internet facilities (WiFi) but are not provided free of charge. Ask in advance the internet facilities at the hotel, especially about the price. Even so, now many star hotels that also provide free WiFi. But you still have to make sure, whether WiFi is available in all hotel rooms or only in the lobby.

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