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5 Dreamy Things to Do in Bali for Honeymooners

Are you planning to have a romantic trip with your other half to Bali? Well, make sure that you dig and search for as much information as you can get on things to do in Bali for your best experience. You will be surprised by the myriads options available for both of you to explore Bali as a honeymooner.

You can even achieve your dream honeymoon trip in a low budget, yet experience the maximum pleasure and adventure. Isn’t that awesome? Read ahead for more information on your anticipated would-be honeymoon trip.

Things to Do in Bali: Find Something Different

So that you are now looking for the best way to spend your time together with your sweetheart on a honeymoon trip, make sure you make your precious time is memorable. Bali is the best place to choose as your romantic backdrops, and it enables you two to weave your own magical moments together.

Here are 5 vacation inspirations full of kisses, laughter, cuddles as well as adventures you both will never forget as your Bali honeymoon guide:

Have a Romantic Stroll Along the Marigolds Flower Fields

If you wish to grant your sweetheart not only with one flower or even a bouquet, then give her the entire fields. The gorgeous golden yellow marigold flower field in Temukus village is a perfect spot for you to have your ultimate moment together.

Strolling along the blooming flower fields hand-in-hand while enjoying what nature has given us will be a serene moment, yet a memorable one. Have your quality time together as much you want in the middle of the swaying gorgeous yellowish-orange flower fields. With Mount Batur as its backdrop, it is also the perfect spot to take a selfie.

Continue your strolling to Kasna flower fields nearby that provides you with a pure white color ambiance. It looks like you were somewhere where the snow has just started to fall.

Relish a Quixotic Brunch Floating at Sthala, Ubud

Do you want something different for your honeymoon trip? Try to enjoy a delicious meal for two while you are floating on a safe raft along the river. Make sure you enjoy the neighboring forest and nature along the way while relishing the delectable menu.

Things to do in Bali at the Best Night Clubs

It is OK for you both to experience a little taste of Bali’s nightlife for couples. For your best experience, Sky Garden, which is located in Legian, is highly recommended. It offers great music, reasonable price, great beverage and food, and free entry for ladies at 9-11 pm. You may want to try another club across the Sky Garden, named Engine Room for a different enjoyment as your favorite things to do in Bali.

If you wish to have a classier nightlife experience, try Mirror Bali Lounge & Club at Seminyak with its gorgeous interior design.

Get Mesmerized with Bali Underwater from a Submarine

You will enjoy a captivating marine world from a 90-feet odyssey as your things to do in Bali. Coral reefs and colorful fish are full presents before your eyes. What a beautiful Bali honeymoon packages of an undersea voyage for a lovebird.

Snorkeling to Explore Menjangan Island

You can opt snorkel as your romantic thing to do together in Bali. Try Menjangan Island which is located about a 10-minutes boat trip from Bali mainland. The island which is part of the Indonesian Menjangan National Marine Park will grant you gorgeous coral reefs. Much wonderful tropical fish will be there to greet you. Both of you can freely swim together in its clean turquoise waters.

When it comes to Bali, it offers a never-ending pleasure and adventure. Offering the best beaches in Bali for couples, stunning scenery, warmth and friendly locals, and more. You definitely need to keep on renewing your things to do in Bali for more experience. However, the ideas mentioned above may inspire your next honeymoon visit to Bali.

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