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Do and Don't Things To Do in Bali

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

When should you enter a temple? What is the correct way of giving and receiving something? As most Balinese probably are too polite to tell you when you break their customs, take a look at the below Dos and Don’ts to make sure you do as the Balinese would do when visiting Bali.

Here are some tips that can make your holiday in Bali goes smoothly and enjoyably.


  • Reconfirm your outbound flight.

  • Drink a lot of bottled water as you may dehydrated easily.

  • Leave your important documents in your hotel safe and wandering around with the copies.

  • Shop around when intending to change money as the rate may vary, check if the commission is added or not.

  • Show your respect by wearing sarong when entering temple.

  • Change money at a reputable looking location, use your own (or the hotel’s) calculator before changing!

  • Put on loads of High Factor Waterproof Sun Cream (especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water).

  • Be careful with your belongings at all times. Crime is on the increase and can ruin your holiday. Cases of handbags snatching have been reported, so leave important documents in your hotel safe and wear your bag across your shoulders!

  • Try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them).

  • Respect the slow pace of processions when stuck behind one, for instance, don’t honk!

  • Haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods).


  • Stepping on offerings in the street.

  • Honking if a caught behind the slow pace of processions.

  • Attempt to swim outside designated areas on the beach.

  • Deal in or do drugs. The death penalty awaits.

  • Touch people’s heads even children, as it considers offensive.

  • Enter temple during menstruation. Use your left hand in sacking or handing over something to someone as it is considered impolite. If there is no other option then express your apology.

  • Forget to take your passport (or a photocopy of your ID)

  • Swim outside designated swimming areas on the beach, currents can be very strong. Swim between the red and yellow flags.

  • Worry too much about the ice – it’s government-quality controlled in established bars and restaurants.

  • Forget to look and listen while you cross the road. Cars may stop, motorbikes may not!

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