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Things to Do in Kintamani for Your Next Bali Honeymoon Trip

Bali always has new things to uncover and explore. Should you want to have your honeymoon in this magnificent God’s island, make sure that things to do in Kintamani are on your list. You will discover countless numbers of great adventures along with more romantic events to spice your love life.

Get ready to spend your time together in an unforgettable scenic view, fresh air, tranquil moments you two will feel really blessed to get involved in it.

Seven Magnificent Kintamani Bali Tour to Consider

When it comes to Bali, we do not need to only expect its beautiful white beaches or its traditional temples. The lush of green terraces of paddy fields and scenic view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur are amongst the hidden gems in Bali. Take a look at the following destination for more information:

Mount Batur Morning Trekking

This activity will grant you with a new experience as well as breathtaking scenery of the outstanding Mount Batur. Keep on climbing until you reach the top of it, and soon you will be able to witness the majesty of dawn you will never forget. There is no place like Mount Batur in welcoming the sun; thus this should be your things to do in Kintamani.

You will need approximately two to three hours of tracking for reaching the mountain top. After witnessing the sunrise, you can have your feast at the height while enjoying the view. There is the famous Lake Batur on the southeastern side of the mountain and the striking Batur Caldera on the northwest side.

Birds Eye View with a Helicopter

Do you want to experience something new for your honeymoon? Try to embark on a helicopter to watch the attractive Kintamani village while you both are soaring in the sky. See the majestic scenery of the villages below and the sparkling Batur Caldera from above.

Pick a Cycling Tour to Closely Enjoy the Nature

Enjoy the splendid beauty of Kintamani Highlands by a bicycle. Embrace the fresh air, the magnificent Mount Batur backdrop and the calmness of its surrounding nature. This should be a wonderful thing to do in Kintamani.

Get A Religious Experience at Kintamani Temple

Bali is well known for its monasteries and temples that scattered all over its region. You can visit some of the famous temples in the Kintamani regions such as Ulun Danu Batur temple, Kehen temple, Penulisan temple, Holy Spring Water temple, and others. You can learn the ingenious local’s culture and traditional daily living along with its culinary.

Explore A Luwak Coffee Tour Farm

Do you know that Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world? Luwak coffee is made from the coffee beans that have been ingested by the Luwak (the island cat). Visiting one of the available farms in Kintamani, you can learn more about the production of coffee Luwak, what makes it become the favorite coffee for any caffeine-holics and why it is so expensive?

Visit Penelokan Village

Get the privilege of having your favorite meal from the local Kintamani Bali restaurant at the height while enjoying the majestic view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Seeing the rough texture of the shadowy mountain slopes is definitely a great thing to do in Kintamani.

Explore the Lake Batur with Canoeing and Kayaking

Do you want to add something thrilling and adventurous in your honeymoon visit to Kintamani, Bali? Try canoeing and kayaking in the well-known lake Batur. You surely do not want to miss the experience of having the sport in the perfectly clear water and the serene surroundings.

Now that you have already learned more about things to do in Kintamani, it is about the time for you to make your plan and execute it. Enjoy all your new adventure and thrilling experience in Bali as you both grow together in your love life.

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