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Mouth-Watering Dishes in Bali ~ Part 6 to 6

1. Balinese Spicy Rice

Balinese special food such as spicy rice is currently being searched for. If you are in Java, you should already be familiar with the name nasi rames which can be filled up to dozens of side dishes in one filling. But if in Bali, there is such a thing as spicy rice which also both have many side dishes to accompany one rice ball. Normal spicy rice will be filled with rice, sambal, fried tempeh, serundeng, stir-fried vegetables, smooth meat, and fried noodles. And the most special is the chilli sauce that is made specifically to produce a delicious chilli sauce but has a spicy taste that makes people sweat. In addition to the side dishes above, spicy rice stalls will also sell a variety of side dishes for additional alias optional, ranging from fried eggs, gizzard, liver, chicken eggs, vegetable chicken, uraban, and even many more.

2. Bali Fried Duck

Certainly, fried ducks have appeared in many other regions, but in Bali, there are fried ducks made with a mixture of spices typical of the island which is famous for its Sanur beach. In making, what is needed is a duck that is still young so that the meat is not tough when consumed. Making different from most fried duck, because one whole duck will be cut into four parts that have been smeared with lime before. In addition to lime, duck will also be smeared by spices so that the flavour of the spice penetrates the meat. Spices to make it are ginger, galangal, kencur, garlic, fried shrimp paste, pepper, sugar, salt, and coriander. That's why this Balinese food is so popular.

Even when the lubrication process is complete, duck meat that has been removed from the feathers must be allowed to stand for more or less for 2 hours, even more. Only after that, duck meat will be fried with vegetable oil along with orange leaves, lemongrass, and bay leaves. After changing colour and maturity, ducks can be taken for later served together with chilli sauce famous for its spiciness. Usually, fried ducks will be served together with rice because even ducks don't make full, so high-carb rice is very fitting. The duck meat will taste savoury, especially when dipped in with a spicy sauce, makes it taste so delicious.

3. Balinese Batun Batun

If usually, Balinese processed foods have a spicy taste, that does not mean for snacks with the name batun rifle which has a dominant sweet taste. The rifle shell is almost similar to a candil porridge from Java because it is made from flour for filling and then it will be given a sauce of sugar to give it a sweet taste. The difference with candlesticks is that they are filled in. If the candlestick is almost perfect, the betil has a flattened shape with a distinctive feature in the middle where there is a slight basin.

Aside from this aspect, candlestick candles are also often added with grated coconut on it, different from candlesticks that have no sprinkles. In making this comestible dough, what is needed is glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour, and salt mixed then formed flat, and in the middle is pressed with fingers, this is what makes it concave.

While in making the broth, more complex ingredients are needed, including coconut milk, brown sugar, salt, and pandan leaves which are cooked to a boil. The sauce will be added again with a solution of rice flour that has been mixed with water before, then after mixing it will be added to the filling in the form of flat until completely cooked.

After it boils, it's ready to be served, and don't forget to add grated coconut on it to arouse the appetite of anyone who sees it. Betil powder is now ready to eat, eat it in a still-warm condition so it tastes more delicious, especially if you chew the chewy contents and enjoy the sweet soup, it will be more delicious.

4. Bengil Bali Duck

In the sense of the Balinese language, bengil means dirty, so that when translated into Indonesian the meaning of a dummy duck is a dirty duck. A unique name indeed, because the culinary naming was obtained from the ducks that entered the restaurant which would later become a place to sell dwarf ducks when it was first built. This Balinese food is recommended enough to be tried with friends or family.

And that's why the name of the culinary is called dwarf duck, including restaurants that provide it also until it's called dwarf duck. Processed named "dirty" duck is made with the basic ingredients of a whole duck with its trademark characteristic of having an outer skin surface that feels very crispy because it is fried dry. It feels so tempting because it has been proven by the famous name of dwarf duck among local and domestic tourists.

The restaurant that serves dwarf duck is Bebek Bengil Restaurant Ubud and one of the branches that are both in Bali, Bebek Bengil Restaurant Nusa Dua. Balinese food in Ubud and Nusa Dua is similar to processed ducks in general, but the savoury taste and spices that make it different, because it has been cooked in such a way.

When eating one duck, one person is too much, so it is advisable to consume it with the family. In one portion, also served rice, satay wrapped, and sambal and there is a bonus mixed juice to accompany one duck. The savoury taste of duck meat will be mixed with fluffier rice and spicy Balinese chilli sauce, that is the impression that arises when eating the stale duck.

5. Balinese Rice

Sela rice is a typical Balinese food in the form of rice mixed with a variety of certain side dishes, but what makes it called interrupted rice is because there are additional chopped sweet potatoes that accompany it. Because there is a sweet potato that is called interrupted rice, according to the meaning of the name interrupted which means yam or yam in the local language. The Balinese food that is typical of the Karangasem district was even the staple food of the people in the 1970s because at that time rice was quite scarce, so sweet potatoes were added to add carbohydrates.

The sweet potato that is used to make interrupted rice is sweet potato, which gives the impression of a sweet taste, then there is a sweet potato with an ordinary taste. But not only is sweet potato mixed with rice because it is a serving of ancient times but now interrupted rice is traded with more diverse side dishes.

Some of these side dishes can be chosen at will, but normally the side dishes are bejek vegetables, grago (small shrimp), vegetables, spices, kalas, and peanuts. However, in some stalls there are more complete side dishes, so customers will be satisfied with the option. Call it shredded chicken betutu, boiled cobs, chicken skin satay, long beans, vegetable vegetables, chilli sauce, and anchovies chilli.

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