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Temple Tours in Bali, Witness Exoticism of the Local Culture

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Temple Tours in Bali
Temple Tours in Bali

Bali has all kinds of attractions, one of which is temple tours. Temple tours in Bali today have become icons of tourism since they have a strong appeal to tourists.

From its development, they have also continued to increase due to continuous promotions by local government and travel agents.

Temple Tours in Bali

Many tourists visit temples because of their individual and unique location. For that reason, many visitors make the temple a favorite tourist spot in Bali because it has exotic building architecture and presents a beautiful natural panorama.

However, if you want to have temple tours in Bali, it's best when there is a celebration of religious ceremonies in the temple. It is because, at that time, visitors will be able to see a unique Balinese Hindu ritual process.

Here are five favorite temples in Bali for tourists to vacation with family and close relatives.

  • Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple is one of the famous temple tourist attractions in Bali. Many tourists come to this Hindu temple because it has a beautiful panorama with green trees around it. The atmosphere is fresher because the temple is near the river.

The temple, located in Gianyar Regency, is one of the unique temples. Generally, the temple is a composition of stones that form a building.

However, this temple is in the form of a sculpture on a cliff, so it has high artistic value.

  • Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the famous tour temples in Bali. Here, you cannot see exotic temple buildings, but also the enchanting beauty of the sea. His is because this temple is located on a rock by the sea.

This temple has its charm. Since its location on a large rock, at the time of high tide, the temple will be seen in the middle of the sea.

Besides, this also presents the beauty of the sunset scenery with the silhouette of the temple.

  • Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of the unique temple tours in Bali. Its location, which is on a high cliff and protrudes towards the sea, makes this temple look more exotic.

Around this area, there are also wild monkeys, said to be the guardians of the sanctity of the temple.

From this temple, visitors can also see a beautiful sunset. In the temple area, there is a stage where Kecak dance performances are held every evening against the sunset. The concert was spectacular with a group of about 50 male dancers.

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  • Tirta Empul Temple

This temple is one of the historical temple buildings. In this temple, you will find a source of water that runs fast and fresh. The water is as holy water, so many people do baths to purify themselves.

There are three parts of the temple, namely Jaba Pura, Jaba Tengah, and Jeroan (inside).

In the Jaba Tengah section, there is a pool with approximately 33 showers. It is where tourists usually line up to do purification activities.

  • Tebing Tegallinggah Temple

An archaeologist from the Netherlands discovered Tebing Tegallinggah Temple. He estimates this temple is a heritage building from the 12th century AD.

The discovery of this temple was unique. Moreover, this temple building was carved directly on a cliff wall.

This temple is in Gianyar Regency. To reach this temple, you will find beautiful. On the way, the scenery in the form of rice fields became the main refreshing dish.

If you plan to do temple tours in Bali, one of the temples above can be on your travel list. If this article is useful, please share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Give your response also to this article. Have a good vacation.

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