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Things to Do in Denpasar for An Unrushed Holiday

If you're looking through a dose of memorable things to do in Denpasar Bali for your holiday, then you're bumping into the right article. No matter how many times you have visited the so-called last paradise on the earth, you can always explore new places and activities. Without any hesitation, Denpasar is the hub you should never be missed.

Venturing Out Denpasar for Lovebirds

Located in the Southern part of Bali with 87% humidity, Denpasar offers more than dazzling tropical getaways. You can always get the most out of Balinese experiences in this town. Whether you're an adventurous couple or a group of a loving family, take your time to enjoy Denpasar today.

As you're arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport, you will stop daydreaming and start pampering with tons of mirthful joys. If you're a newlywed looking for some inspirations, you will be benefited from reading out this tailor-made honeymoon itinerary.

With a bunch of things to do in Denpasar, you won't get bored with nature, culture, and something in between. If you have a short time staying in Denpasar, make sure you spend time with your loved one to do the things below.

Catching Sunrise and Chilling Adventures in Sanur Beach

Who doesn't love watching the sunrise? It can be a romantic yet effortless thing to do when you're stranded in a peaceful and serene Sanur Beach. You can get to this warm lagoon by a short 20 minutes trip from Denpasar. Nothing seems more perfect rather than a romantic sunrise and a walk along the beach while holding hands with your spouse.

To complete the morning you should try some traditional snacks, such as tempting grilled corn that you can get for only IDR 10K. Don't forget to request the spicy level. The other option is the delicious satay that's usually made from chicken or lamb. This dish costs you IDR 20K for 10 sticks. If you're into shopping in Denpasar, you can visit Sindhu Market nearby to get fresh tropical fruits.

Sanur Beach is relatively not too crowded and suitable for relaxing. However, you're able to try some water sports if you feel like it. With the clean and calm water, make an adventurous honeymoon jetski, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, or a banana boat if you just want to chill.

Furthermore, one of the things to do in Denpasar is trying Seawalker located in Puri Santrian Hotel Sanur. If you're not a swimmer and never have any diving experiences, you still can feel the underwater sensation using the equipment. Explore the depth of 15 feet then capture the best pictures and videos.

Induced in a Soporific Spa Therapy

Maybe you still feel a little bit sluggish after the wedding party and feel reluctant to rush into what to do in Denpasar. Why not try the excellent Balinese traditional massage. With the friendly service, good ambiances and organic herbs, you'll be rejuvenated.

There is a lot of exceptional spas all across Denpasar, and mostly they have a package for a couple. Just like one offered by Bali Orchid Spa located in By Pass Ngurah Rai street. Here you'll be pampered for 3 hours and enjoying foot bath, lymphatic massage, chocolate rub, also flower bath.

After the spa is done, you and your loved one can dress up and get captured while wearing a Balinese costume. Such an unforgettable moment, right? To close the day, enjoy the fine dining with traditional Balinese dishes like tipat sayur, betutu, and sambal matah.

Whether you plan to stay for one day or a couple of days, hopefully now you can get ideas on things to do in Denpasar. If you get inspired, please do share this article on your social media. Any thoughts or comments? You can write them out below. Have a blissful holiday in Bali!

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