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Top 10 Things to Do on Nusa Penida

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Nusa Penida is gradually getting the consideration it merits, tough and delightful with numerous activities. Shockingly there is a great deal to do on this remote island of Bali, and picking the most elite has not been simple, yet we have concocted a rundown that is altogether adjusted from investigating into the remote ocean or ashore around the island and furthermore discovering all the mystery niches and pleasant spots.

Speedboats flash crosswise over day by day from Sanur, Bali yet for the most part intended for individuals to go over and remain the night. This is all the better as this island has a great deal of lovely places to be investigated and you would over multi day to do that.

Here is our rundown of prescribed top 10 activities on Nusa Penida only for you:

Snorkeling off Crystal bay

This postcard worth shoreline apropos called gem inlet is one not to be missed on Nusa Penida. During low seasons, this shoreline is for all intents and purposes abandoned, giving restrictiveness which is presently elusive in the zone of Bali, despite the fact that it might not have the whites sand. Wedged between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, the oceans here are clear and it is additionally an extraordinary spot to swim and appreciate the rich marine life.

Dive in the seas off in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida alongside its sister Nusa Lembongan are famous islands for scuba jumpers. This is on the grounds that the ocean encompassing here is rich with marine life, for example, manta beams and whale sharks and the bounteous corals. You will most likely discover many visit administrators that will take you out for jump trips here. The couple of mainstream jumping spots around here are gem inlet, manta point, and blue corner.

Chill at Atuh Beach

This mystery shoreline will set aside some effort to discover, encompassed by an astonishing high precipice of limestone dividers. The drive to arrive is shocking and the trekking down the lofty way to the shoreline gives the experience to recall. This shoreline is moderately obscure or the standard sightseers simply don't require the push to come here, henceforth it's definitely justified even despite your time. Once touching base here, do spend the entire day chilling on this wonderful shoreline.

Kelingking Beach Secret Point

This shoreline is one of the must visit on Nusa Penida, and it is presumably the most captured segment also. The view from the precipice is just delightful, as you look off to the bluff stones that resembles a dinosaur chilling by the shoreline.

Wonder about the Broken shoreline/cove (Pasih Uug)

On account of its one of a kind characteristic development on the waterfront shake, numerous individuals came here just to take a view and obviously a photo of the scene. In spite of its name, it's anything but a shoreline however an ocean burrow through the bluffs. This emptied precipice is otherwise called the scaffold and is certainly a voyager's preferred chase.

Take a plunge at the Angel's Billabong tidal pond

This is a tidal pond set in the middle of dark volcanic rocks. It is situated on a bluff down from the wrecked shoreline. Numerous individuals came here just to take pictures and some additionally endeavor to swim however be cautious about the ground-breaking waves that cleared in. At the mouth of the stream, the green-shaded water is quiet and clear.

Exploring Gua Karang Sari cavern

This cavern is otherwise called Giri Putri, and it is to a greater extent a passage of 200m long. Numerous Buddhists and Hindus come here too to ask, as there is a sanctuary situated inside it. Other than the typical stalagmites and intriguing cavern highlights, there is likewise a stream that is accepted to be of sacred water.

Visit Pura Penataran Agung Ped sanctuary

This sanctuary is set in a lake and is significantly loved by admirers from to the extent Bali. It is situated in the Ped Village on the principle street. It is one of the most visited sanctuaries on this island and as it should be.

Take a swim in Tembeling water spring

This is a characteristic pool in a rainforest encompassed by limestone precipices. The crisp springs originate from a cavern that keeps running into the pool and afterward over into the sea. Taking a dip here is uncommon because of the thick timberland encompassed it. Observe that there are discrete pools for people.

Exploring the island on two wheels

As there are still such a large number of spots unexplored in Nusa Penida, it is a smart thought to lease a bicycle and circumvent chasing for your own one of a kind mystery spots. Moreover, you will almost certainly observe a greater amount of the town life and look at different shorelines that are specked everywhere throughout the island.

Nusa Penida with its rough precipices and clear blue oceans are still very unchartered regardless of being so near the famous Bali. Come visit here before the remainder of the world discovers. You will discover the feeling of experience here with its submerged exercises and mystery vacation destinations. In the event that you need to investigate further, at that point head on to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Ceningan, the islands directly by it.

How to get to Nusa Penida and get around ?

There are speedboats from Sanur to Nusa Penida every day. There are likewise open pontoons day by day however are not coordinated for day trips. Note that the oceans are harsh and you may need to swim through the water to the pontoons. Getting around Nusa Penida requires significant investment in light of the fact that the streets are not well-kept up and soak, and the vehicle is restricted. Most vacationers lease a motorbike or sanction a bemo or ojek.

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