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Top 5 things Make Kuta Beach Very Popular For Family Vacation.

The thing that makes Kuta beach very popular with tourists for a vacation spot is because the coastline has very fine white sand, the sea waves are not too big, perfect for seeing the sunset and the beach is very clean.

Although during the rainy season, especially in December and January, Kuta beach often gets shipments of rubbish from the sea, but the readiness of the local government and the local community, swiftly and quickly clean the Kuta beach from shipment waste.

Not only is the iconic white sand beach, Kuta tourism area also offers night entertainment activities. Besides, if you like shopping, the Kuta tourism area is one of the best places you should visit while on holiday on the island of Bali, because there is a wide selection of international products and local Balinese products.

1. The most complete shopping destination in Bali

Holidays to Bali in addition to visiting attractions and participating in exciting holiday activities, shopping tourism is also a priority for Indonesian tourists. If you ask where the most complete shopping location in Bali, the answer is Kuta Bali tourism area. In the tourist area of ​​Kuta Bali there are large malls with international standards, luxury boutiques, to simple shops that sell cheap goods.

In the tourist area of ​​Kuta Bali there are four large malls located close to each other.

- Kuta Beachwalk Mall.

- Discovery Shopping Mall.

- Lippo Kuta Mall.

- Park 23 XXI Mall, which is located next to the Circus Water Park in Kuta.

2. Strategic Location

The tourist area in Kuta Bali has a very strategic location. Because it is close to other famous tourism objects in Bali. Tourist attractions in Bali which are located close to Kuta such as:

Jimbaran tourism object, Bali, is famous for its culinary tourism location, Jimbaran beach seashore.

Seminyak tourist attractions, famous as a shopping and luxury culinary location in Bali.

The tourist attractions of Legian, which have similarities to the attractions of Kuta Bali.

Canggu tourist attraction, which is currently popular for those who like to stay in private villas at low prices.

Besides being close to famous tourist attractions on the island of Bali, Kuta tourism area is also located close to the Ngurah Rai airport and the Bali Mandara Toll gate.

3. Places to Eat

The tourism area is not complete without the support of dining options. In the tourism area of ​​Kuta Bali, there are various choices of places and types of food. From halal food, Indonesian cuisine, fast food culinary to luxury restaurants.

For those of you who are Muslim, you don't need to worry about finding a place to eat that provides halal food in the Kuta Bali area. The reason, in the tourist areas in Kuta Bali, there are many choices of eating places that provide halal food. You can find halal food from Indonesian culinary and foreign culinary. As information for you, it is easier to find halal cuisine than to find non-halal food in Kuta Bali.

4. The Best Water Park Location in Bali

Water park or water park, is very identical with a children's vacation spot, and almost most children are very fond of holidays and playing in a water park. Kuta tourism area is the location of the best water park in Bali. Therefore, I entered the water park in Kuta Bali as number 1 in the list of 10 activities and advantages of Kuta for a family vacation in Bali.

In Kuta Bali tourist attractions there are two water parks that have international standards. They are:

Waterbom Park Kuta.

Circus Water Park Kuta.

Waterbom Park Kuta tourist attractions, in my opinion personally is the best water park in Bali. In addition, if you are vacationing at a tourist attraction in Kuta Bali, you should not miss the Bali Waterbom holiday, especially when on vacation with children and families. At Bali Waterbom Park, you will find many exciting water games, both for children and adults. For children who are under 7 years old, there is a children's swimming pool and water park, which is called by the name Fantastic. In addition, lazy river rides are available, which are rides on rubber boats around the Bali Waterbom location.

Besides Waterbom Park Kuta, in the Kuta tourism area there are also other water park rides that are no less good. It's called Circus Water Park Kuta. In contrast to Bali Waterbom Kuta, Circus Water Park Kuta is more focused on water rides for families, especially children. There is a mini speed racing vehicle, so children can race while sliding, and the children's pool.

5. Ease of Accommodation

Bali Dinasty Resort Kids Club

Finding accommodation in the tourist area of ​​Kuta Bali is very easy, available from inexpensive lodging to luxury hotels. Because there are many means of accommodation available, making the price of lodging rooms in the Kuta area is very competitive. Especially during the low season in Bali, there will be many cheap room prices available in Kuta Bali.

In addition, looking for a hotel that is suitable for children there are also many choices in Kuta Bali. One of them is Bali Dinasty Resort, which provides a children's pool, a play club for children.

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