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Come to Feel Good Adventure with Volcano Tour in Bali

Volcano Tour in Bali
Volcano Tour in Bali

You are people who like an adventure in nature so that you should come to see a volcano in Bali. This activity will give you a lot of exciting experience. You can take good photography also when you see beautiful scenery under the hill of Kintamani. You can use a volcano tour in Bali.

Several Places Tourist Visit in Volcano Tour

This volcano tour in Bali will make you come to watch a beautiful environment, Batur lake, Penelokan, and Kintamani from the Kintamani mountain. This volcano walk in Bali will make you healthy and have a lot of chances to pass through 10 routes headed to Kintamani as a volcano.

You can take this tour together with your partner also for a honeymoon when both of you like an adventure. You can learn about the rich heritage of culture in Bali. You can buy some souvenirs and taste Bali food and beverage during this tour. You are curious about the places that you will visit so that you have to read this until done.

1. Barong Dance

The most popular Bali traditional dance is Barong Dance, and you will come to watch this dance in the first place on this tour. This dance has a duration of 1 hour. The topic is about Hindhu Mahabharata. This dance means about the duality of human characters as an angel and a devil. This dance will begin at 9.30 a.m. and finish at 10.30 a.m. This section can amaze your beginning at the volcano trip Bali.

This dance came from India around 15.000 years ago. You can see each character inside of this dance with glamorous costumes. Every character will wear different costumes so that you can understand which one is the devil and the angel side.

You will continue to pass through the Celuk Village and go to Batuan Village. Celuk Village is famous for its art of gold and silver. You can buy cheaper jewelry at Celuk with many designs, but anyway, you will only pass through this village.

2. Batuan Traditional Village

The next place that you will visit is Batuan Traditional Village. You can see a unique home design for the indigenous there. This traditional home was built with a specific concept so that every household can be happy. Actually, this concept almost the same concept in China about Fengshui.

The local citizen has approved this home design concept. You can see that every house has a roof made of sure leaves neatly arranged. Every house does have a small area. However, you will be able to see that each home has a patio section.

Each house also has a unique distance, so that it is built not to coincide with a neighbor's house. The edges of the houses are also decorated with greenery, which adds to the cool atmosphere of the village.

3. Journey to The Top of Batur Volcano Mountain

You will continue your journey into the top of Batur Volcano Mountain after visiting Batuan Village. You will go to the Hotspring called Tirta Empul Tampaksiring. You can play with the water inside this hot spring area. Remember to bring another dry cloth when you want to soak in Hot Spring

Anyway, you can have lunch at Kintamani Restaurant so that you don’t have to worry about your energy supply. Don’t forget to wear or bring a jacket, because the cold temperature will strike your body when you arrived at the top.

The best season to enjoy a volcano visit in Bali is during Bali’s dry season such as May until October. You can watch the beautiful scenery of Batur Lake from the top. Anyway, you can go there by walking or cycling. You can say that this will become your best volcano tour in Bali during your holiday or honeymoon.

Whenever you want to join the volcano tour in Bali, you can contact us as your guide. You can get snacks and mineral water to supply your energy. You can share this information with your friends also via social media and ask them to visit together. If you ever went there before, you can share your experience here too.

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