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Why does westerner like to travel to Bali?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Bali is well known as the most favourite tourist destination in Indonesia. If you look at the history of tourism in Bali, Bali has begun to be known since many artists choose to live permanently in Bali. Whether it's painting artists to sculpture artists. Bali's fame began to spread to foreign countries because, in the 70s, there were foreign surfers who found that the waves on the island of Bali are very good for surfing. This news also spread widely throughout the world and made Bali famous for its beaches and seas. But besides that, it turns out there are other unique reasons that make foreigners, especially westerner, really like travelling to Bali. Want to know the reason?

1.Rich of Culture.

Bali still adheres to the customs and culture of its ancestors and ancestors. Most of the Balinese people wear traditional clothes every day. Religious ceremonies can be held almost every day by putting canang or offerings in temples or front of their homes. This view is arguably unique and is an allure for Caucasians. They do not even want to be absent if there are large-scale traditional ceremonies such as the Pengrupukan Day with the ogoh-ogoh parade, the Ngaben cremation ceremony, and so on.

2. Embrace Balinese Style 

Bali is also famous for its kebaya, kamen, and frangipani flowers tucked in the ear. These traditional clothes and accessories make Balinese traditional outfit look very elegant and beautiful.

3. Tasty and cheap traditional culinary.

Not only the Indonesian people who can be addicted to Balinese cuisine but foreign people can too. Besides having a lot of variants, Balinese cuisine is still cooked in a very traditional way such as duck betutu wrapped in banana leaves and then roasted in the husk fire for hours. Then there is the satay wrapped around the charcoal, tepeng rice served with banana leaves, and many more. In addition to its rich spices and delicious flavour, the price is also quite cheap so it makes foreigners not hesitate to add more.

4. Hot Weather

Indonesia has a tropical climate with an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. Bali which is in the lowlands with the sea that surrounds it makes the weather in Bali quite hot. If we as Indonesians like to complain about the hot weather of Indonesia, Caucasians are very grateful because they can feel the hot weather. No wonder you see many Caucasians basking on the beach to feel the sun.

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