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Why Jimbaran Good For Family Vacation

Jimbaran Bali was once a village and is now a village in the sub district of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. In the past Jimbaran Bali was a village where the majority of the population made a living as fishermen. However, due to the rapid development of tourism in the Jimbaran area, most of the residents of Jimbaran are turning to the tourism industry.

Jimbaran is one of the tourist areas on the island of Bali and is very famous. I was so famous for the Jimbaran tourism area, almost every Indonesian tourist who vacationed in Bali, always took the time to vacation in the Jimbaran area, especially visiting the Jimbaran coast.

The top 5 favourite tourist attractions of Indonesian tourists.

1. Close to Shopping Centers

Holidays to Bali in addition to visiting attractions, following tourist activities and culinary tours, I'm sure you also want to try shopping. Jimbaran tourism area is adjacent to several large shopping malls and souvenir shops typical of Bali.

The following is a list of shopping malls in Bali that are close to the Jimbaran area of ​​Bali.

Benoa Square, the closest shopping mall to Jimbaran beach.

  • Lippo Mall Kuta.

  • Discovery Shopping Mall.

  • Kuta Beachwalk Mall.

  • Bali Collection Nusa Dua.

  • Bali Galeria Mall.

  • Park 23 XXI mall.

  • Krisna souvenirs from Tuban.

2. Sunset View

The attractiveness of Bali tourist attractions is synonymous with sunset views. Because Jimbaran beach is located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali, Jimbaran beach is one of the best locations for viewing the sunset.

3. Location Near Airport & Toll Road

Jimbaran tourism area is very strategic location because it is close to Ngurah Rai airport and Bali Mandara Toll road. The distance from Ngurah Rai airport to the Jimbaran area is approximately 7 kilometres and takes about 20 minutes. While from Jimbaran to the gate of the Toll Bali Mandara road, you will need approximately 2o minutes with a distance of about 10 kilometres.

Because the location of the Jimbaran area is close to the Ngurah Rai airport, then the journey from the airport to Jimbaran is not long which makes your children do not get bored in the vehicle.

4. Best Coastal Grilled Seafood Culinary on the Beach

Most of the Indonesian tourists who vacation in Jimbaran Bali because they are interested in trying a typical Balinese culinary tour on the beach of Jimbaran. The typical Balinese culinary is the grilled seafood menu with Balinese special spices in Jimbaran. Looking for a typical Balinese grilled seafood culinary is very easy. But the location of dining with the dining table is on the sand beach, then enjoying grilled seafood dishes on the edge of the white sand beach, while looking at the sunset and sea views, making grilled seafood culinary very attractive to tourists.

5. Adjacent to Famous Tourist Attractions in South Bali

In addition to being close to the airport, Jimbaran tourism area is also close to famous tourist attractions in southern Bali. What are the famous holiday objects in southern Bali which are located close to Jimbaran Bali? Here is a list of vacation spots.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK Bali). The distance from Jimbaran beach to Bali's GWK is only 5 minutes.

Kuta beach. Distance from the Jimbaran area to Kuta beach is around 12 kilometres, with an estimated travel time of 30 minutes.

Pandawa Beach. If you depart from Jimbaran to Pandawa beach it will take about 35 minutes. With an estimated distance of about 13 kilometres.

Nusa Dua tourist attractions. From Jimbaran area to Nusa Dua, it only takes about 20 minutes, with an estimated distance of 9 kilometres.

Uluwatu Temple. Heading to the Uluwatu temple attraction from Jimbaran will cover a distance of about 15 kilometres, with a travel time of approximately 35 minutes.

Tanjung Benoa attractions. If you want to invite children to enjoy Bali water sports activities, then Tanjung Benoa is a place that you must visit. From Jimbaran to Tanjung Benoa the distance is 12 kilometres, with an estimated travel time of 30 minutes.

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