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Referral Program


Give 10% discount voucher to your friends, Get $50 when they book


Do you know anyone who wants to go to Bali? Just refer us to your friends and you will get $50 for every booking made with your CODE. Your friend will receive a 10% discount if they use your code while booking with us. 


How do you get your CODE?


Follow us on Instagram @indoexperiences


Follow us on Facebook Page


Email us with the format below, and we will email you back with a voucher CODE. Tell your friend to use that code when they make a booking to receive a 10% discount. Once the booking is completed, you may claim your $50.

Email to: with the format:


Subject: Referral Program

Name: …

Instagram ID:


How can we pay you?

Bank Transfer (if you are a US citizen)







This promotion is only apply to Package Booking and Custom Booking

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