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Bali Surf School

2 hours Surf School​


1 on 1 lesson



1 instructor 2 students

$53 per person


minimal 3 people

$42 per person

$10 extra for photos during class


  • 5 days school - 5%

  • 10 days school - 10%

The Bali surfing scene started along the island's southern shores, where rolling waves and quiet, beautiful beaches evolved into the popular wave riders' playgrounds we now today. The origin of surfing in Bali is down to the first wave-riding visitors who discovered the incredible waves in the 1930s, and more have flown in being drawn by Bali's sun, sea and surf ever since. Bali's surfer crowd comprises experienced riders and beginners who want a piece of the action. Pros can head to the outer reef breaks of the southern Bukit Peninsula, while newbies can opt for smaller waves in the lagoons. Bali is a great place to pick up the sport, with board rentals and surf schools widely available. Surf shops are also abundant, so you can easily source your wax, rashguards and any other gear you might need. 


We offer surfing classes for beginner or even experienced surfers who are looking to gain more knowledge about the wave. At  Bali Surf School we offer different surfing level to accommodate your needs. 

Surfing Level

Beginner/Level 1

This introductory course covers all the necessary theory about the basics of surfing, safety essentials, surf awareness, board characteristics, paddling and standing up. We'll take you into the water to practice these new skills and catch your first small waves


We take you a step forward and help you become more confident on the board and develop techniques for board control and turning while maintaining a pace that is comfortable to you. 

Keen/Level 3

In this course you will learn about how to read the surf such as observing the sets, timing the paddle out and techniques on how to get through the surf and into the line-up. (Subject to surf conditions)

Addicted/Level 4

In this final course the goal is to paddle through the surf into the line -up (subject to surf conditions), select the right wave, time your take off and confidently ride some amazing waves.

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